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Propolis is an organic resinous substance exuded by certain trees to protect themselves from infection & disease. Honeybees then collect this resin from leaf buds or bark. In the beehive, a carpet of Propolis is placed at its entrance in order to disinfect & immunise the bees from infection as they return from their flights.

To protect their young, the brood chamber cells are lined with a protective coating of Propolis, which is also used as a sealant to maintain a constant temperature, whilst ensuring a totally water & airtight situation. Logically, this would be the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. However, due to the potent natural medicinal properties of Propolis, the beehive remains the most sterile environment in all of nature.

Propolis is an extremely verastile natural substance with a long history of traditional use. Propolis is rich in B group vitamins along with C, E, H, P & provitamin A, amino & organic acids + minerals. Unlike synthetic preparations, Propolis may be taken on a continual daily basis as an important part of a health maintenance program.

Allergic reaction is rare. Test by initially dissolving 1 drop under the tongue or by patch test when applying externally to the skin.

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