History & Philosophy

At AUSTRALIA'S OWN we strive to maximise your Quality of Life.

For more than 25 years now we’ve been producing, developing & supplying only the absolute best available innovative functional & affordable Natural Health products to maintain & enhance Quality of Life for those who desire to live well.

We passionately believe … 

“Your greatest wealth is your Health”

We are privileged to work in collaboration with some of our country’s finest minds operating from Australia’s leading research facilities including SYDNEY & DEAKIN UNIVERSITIES on a number of ground-breaking and potentially life-saving projects which genuinely employ “First do no harm” principles in the process of utilising  Nutraceutical & Herbal innovations.

This work is now yielding exciting tangible results, with far reaching implications to positively enrich and save lives and to even improve the mainstream medical system on a global scale.

The world is now embracing the reality that “Science always catches up with the Natural”. So too that innovation to harness the long hidden secrets now being revealed via medical science is indeed the key to delivering the real potential residing in the many amazing God-given gifts of Natural Superfoods & Nutraceuticals.

AUSTRALIA’S OWN rich diversity includes Quality Nutraceuticals, Patented Natural & Herbal Formulations for managing Acne, Arthritis, Ageing, Allergies, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Circulation, Eczema & Psoriasis, Fatigue, Prostate, Sexual function, Weight Control and more. 

Superfoods & Supplements, Natural Anti-infammatory Pain relief strategies for Arthritis and Sports Injuries. 

New and innovative products are constantly being researched, developed & released.


Here you will find just some of AUSTRALIA’S OWN best Natural Health Products on offer. 

Many additional Natural & Organic best quality products available on request. If you don’t see what you need, simply feel free to ask as we’re here to help